farmfrites nos acompaña

Farm Frites Beheer BV

Farm Frites is major producer of deep frozen potato products with production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Egypt and Argentina (Munro, BsAs) and initiator of the GITAH project.

APH nos acompaña

APH Group

Established in 1997, APH-group is an organisation that takes care of marketing, sales and after-sales for a group of independent manufacturers of agricultural equipment. The company supplies a complete range of machines and equipment for primary production, harvest, post-harvest handling, storage and packing of potato, onion and carrot.

baselier nos acompaña

Baselier BV

Main developer and producer of rotary ridgers, potato ridge-formers and haulm toppers. ± 90% van de BASELIER machines are being exported and are used all over the world as a main part of the equipment set that is required to cultivate potatoes.

biljsma nos acompaña


Since 1938 manufacturer of agricultural equipment for receiving- unloading, grading and bagging potatoes or similar crops. The equipment is used by farmers on all continents.

Omnivent nos acompaña

Omnivent Techniek BV

Omnivent is an international specialist in development, manufacturing and installation of modern ventilation and climate control techniques for the storage of potatoes, onions, carrots etc.

Dacom nos acompaña

Dacom BV

A very innovative high-tech company, specialised in hardware, software and online advice services. Large agricultural companies worldwide make use of Dacom systems monitoring water- and crop protection use, disease- and pest control and optimizing fertilizer application.

manter nos acompaña

Manter International BV

Producer of weighing- and packing machines specially for potatoes, onions and vegetables. Packing at accurate weight in nets, polyethylene bags or paper bags ranging from 2,5 kg to 50 kg.

PPO nos acompaña


PPO (Applied Plant Research) is part of Wageningen Agricultural University and Research center in The Netherlands. PPO performs research to lead to applicable innovations in the production chain. PPO also focuses on improved economic performance of individual companies with respect to social developments and sustainable, environmentally friendly production.

Agrivalue nos acompaña

Agrivalue SA

Agrivalue is an internationally operating business consulting firm specialized in business development support within the agri-food industry from primary production to processing, marketing and sales. Agrivalue is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has strong bonds with the European Union in general and the Netherlands in particular. These days many business activities are taking place in Argentina, Chile and Brazil thanks to the increasing interest of agri-food companies in the opportunities the region offers

Agriment nos acompaña

Agriment International BV

Agriment is a consulting agency that supports companies active in the agricultural- and food sector, in developing business in emerging markets worldwide. Services provided by Agriment are among others; partner search and matchmaking, (pre-) feasibility studies and development of bankable business plans including financial engineering and export promotion. The activities cover the arable-, vegetable- and livestock production chains in the different links of the chain; breeding, primary production, processing, marketing. In addition, Agriment is active in institutional and chain development.

canasto de papaa

Potato Events 2012


January 12th - 15th 2012

Fiesta Nacional de la Papa in Villa Dolores

March 15th - 18th 2012

35th Fiesta de la Papa in Otamendi.

March 16th 2012

Field Demonstration Dewulf Potato Harvester 2060 and Baselier Rotary Ridging cultivator

March 14th -17th 2013

36th Fiesta Provincial de la Papa in Otamendi. Gitah will have its own stand and will perform various activities, especially the reception for GITAH Field Mission 2012 participants

March 16th 2013

Manter Packing Demonstration in Nesmaral - Potato producer and packer for the fresh market. San Martín 296 Cdte. Nicanor Otamendi - Provincia de Buenos Aires.

March 16th 2013

Omnivent Storage Demonstration in Sol del Este

November 29th 2013

Jornada Técnia AgroPapa in Córdoba.

March 20th - 23th 2014

37th Fiesta Provincial de la Papa in Otamendi. Gitah will have its own stand and will perform various field demonstrations.

April 24th, 2014

Packaging and Marketing Workshop at Nesmaral, Otamendi


April 30th - May 4th 2012

Agrishow, Riberao Preto

June 20th - 22th 2012

Hortitec 2012, Holambra, SP

September 17th - 20th 2012

XXV ALAP Congress , Uberlândia, MG.

The Netherlands

August 22th 2012

Potato Demo Days Westmaas

November 10th - 16th 2013

Agritechnica 2013. At the world’s leading international exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment, exhibitors from all over the world will be presenting their products and services for professional plant production.

September 11th - 12th 2013

PotatoEurope 2013. This event will be the heart of the international potato industry, where colleagues, clients, potential clients, suppliers, researchers and all other services in the potato chain will be gathered.

Sept. 2013

Gitah Potato Mission and visit to Potato Europe in Emmeloord, Netherlands. Dutch farmers and companies will be visited, in order to give the visitors an insight in how the Dutch potato sector is organised and how it performs.


Sept. 12th - 13th 2012

Potato Europe, Villers-Saint-Christophe, France


September 28th - October 2nd 2014

Congress of the Latin-American Association of Potato (ALAP).


September 3rd - 4th 2014

Potato Europe , Bockerode (Hannover)