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Innovation in the seed potato production chain

Argentina has a long history when it comes to potato production. More than 100,000 hectares are destined annually to the cultivation and development of potato seed and table potatoes. This is why the producers seek to explore and enhance their knowledge in order to expand and meet the market not only nationally, but also internationally.

Gitah papa - Technological Exchange Group formed by Argentine-Dutch companies and research institutes in addition to support from the Dutch government- began last year a new project with the aim of optimizing seed potato chain through seed potato production to be used uncut.

The trial began in the hands of Farm Frites with the importation of 54 tons of seed potatoes from the Netherlands, which were planted in Villa Dolores in early March.

The registration was especially meticulous: data were collected for all chemicals and fertilizers, manual work and irrigation. This allowed Gitah papa to make an economic analysis of crop seeds in the new innovative way and compare this to costs / yields in the traditional argentine manners.

On March 9th this year 4.6 tonnes of seed per hectare were planted. The buds began to emerge twenty days later. On April 4th the first stolons appeared and tubers first began to see April 9th.

The first visit of the Dutch trade mission took place on the 20th of March, when the tubers were in germination stage, with no emergence at the moment.

Cultivation continued its development in a healthy and positive outlook for performance with a start date for harvest June 15th. A week before harvest, there was a spray to kill the leaves and thus prevent that any disease could be transmitted to the tuber.

In the same week, on June 11, a workshop and field day was held at Villa Dolores, in the place of the trial. There were more than 50 producers from different regions of Argentina who participated in the activities.

The workshop began with an overview by Pepijn Verheiy, responsible for Gitah papa in Argentina, followed by the Dutch Agricultural Counsellor in Argentina, Bart Vrolijk: "I am sure I will learn a lot and hope you do too. The doors are always open, we want to help as we can.” Then it was the turn of Manuel José Espinillo, representative of the National Seed Institute (INASE), who explained the workings of the institution and the overview of it.

Then Huub Schepers, responsible for potato studies conducted in Argentina by the University of Wageningen, discussed along with Espinillo the current situation of diseases such as PVY and TSWV. After discussion, Schepers stressed: "We have already had a research project alongside the INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) funded by the Dutch government to generate a scientific contact with the institute. As you can see, it was very favorable and together we prepared a training program for different Argentines who belong to the sector.”

Afterwards, Michel Stroo, Dutch representative of Farm Frites, and Juan Ignacio Naman, of the subsidiary of Farm Frites in San Fili, compared the results between the traditional and the innovative cultivation technique.

Finally, Jochem Rovers, general manager of the Agricultural & Projects Division for New Developments of Farm Frites International, made a short presentation to explain and describe the results of the same test in other plants in different regions of the world. Rovers added: "We are collecting all the useful information and knowledge to improve the quality of potato in Argentina. (...) I believe that Argentina is one of the most promising agricultural countries in the world ".

After lunch, the group of producers took a tour of the trials, with the participation of Guillermo Rocatti from the seedbed HZPC, who showed the group the field trial. Under one pivot, the results of two trials could be compared: planting whole tubers versus traditional system. Despite both had a good performance in the field, farmers could tell out the differences, finding very satisfying these new production methods for seed potato.

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Potato Events 2012


January 12th - 15th 2012

Fiesta Nacional de la Papa in Villa Dolores

March 15th - 18th 2012

35th Fiesta de la Papa in Otamendi.

March 16th 2012

Field Demonstration Dewulf Potato Harvester 2060 and Baselier Rotary Ridging cultivator

March 14th -17th 2013

36th Fiesta Provincial de la Papa in Otamendi. Gitah will have its own stand and will perform various activities, especially the reception for GITAH Field Mission 2012 participants

March 16th 2013

Manter Packing Demonstration in Nesmaral - Potato producer and packer for the fresh market. San Martín 296 Cdte. Nicanor Otamendi - Provincia de Buenos Aires.

March 16th 2013

Omnivent Storage Demonstration in Sol del Este

November 29th 2013

Jornada Técnia AgroPapa in Córdoba.

March 20th - 23th 2014

37th Fiesta Provincial de la Papa in Otamendi. Gitah will have its own stand and will perform various field demonstrations.

April 24th, 2014

Packaging and Marketing Workshop at Nesmaral, Otamendi


April 30th - May 4th 2012

Agrishow, Riberao Preto

June 20th - 22th 2012

Hortitec 2012, Holambra, SP

September 17th - 20th 2012

XXV ALAP Congress , Uberlândia, MG.

The Netherlands

August 22th 2012

Potato Demo Days Westmaas

November 10th - 16th 2013

Agritechnica 2013. At the world’s leading international exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment, exhibitors from all over the world will be presenting their products and services for professional plant production.

September 11th - 12th 2013

PotatoEurope 2013. This event will be the heart of the international potato industry, where colleagues, clients, potential clients, suppliers, researchers and all other services in the potato chain will be gathered.

Sept. 2013

Gitah Potato Mission and visit to Potato Europe in Emmeloord, Netherlands. Dutch farmers and companies will be visited, in order to give the visitors an insight in how the Dutch potato sector is organised and how it performs.


Sept. 12th - 13th 2012

Potato Europe, Villers-Saint-Christophe, France


September 28th - October 2nd 2014

Congress of the Latin-American Association of Potato (ALAP).


September 3rd - 4th 2014

Potato Europe , Bockerode (Hannover)