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Welcome to Gitah Papa

What is Gitah Papa?

GITAH Papa (Argentine- Dutch Technological Exchange Group) is an initiative of a group of Dutch companies and institutes representing the entire potato production chain. Supported by the Dutch Government some of the main players in the Dutch potato industry (potato breeding, seed suppliers, technology suppliers, a processing company and knowledge institutes) in cooperation with some of the key players within the Argentine potato sector have decided to work together on the optimization of the Argentine potato production sector.

GITAH aims to raise awareness of the current strengths and weaknesses of the potato sector in Argentina and help to optimize the sector to be prepared for the high quality demands for potatoes and potato products in Argentina and Mercosur member countries. The group hopes to create a space for open debate in which Argentine and Dutch participants can learn from each other to find the best solutions to satisfy market requirements.

Through this open discussion with potato farmers in Argentina and other actors in the potato value chain, GITAH aims to provide information, varieties and internationally acknowledged, innovative technologies and techniques adapted to the local conditions. Through field demonstrations their performance in terms of impact on yields, product quality, costs and returns can be analyzed and discussed.

The focus is on: performance improvement, cost reduction, product differentiation, changing market structures, post-harvest treatment and packaging.

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